June 07, 2011

ALLEGRO DVT now targets Wireless Display (WiDi) with its ultra-low latency H.264 IP cores.

Grenoble, France - June 07, 2011

Allegro DVT announces the immediate availability of an ultra-low latency version of its H.264/MPEG-4 AVC high-profile, high-definition hardware video encoding IP, suitable for Wireless Display applications.

Wireless Display encompasses a set of technologies designed to carry a video source over a wireless data channel in real time.

This long awaited concept lets viewers do away with video cables in applications like:

To ease video signal transmission over the air, some form of video compression is required.
All solutions until now come with some degree of latency, introducing an annoying time lag in user applications.

Thanks to Allegro DVT proprietary ultra-low latency H.264 technologies, it is now possible to cut the lag, improve reliability and reduce the power consumption of a WiDi connection.

Allegro DVT low-latency compression technologies are suitable for all types of wireless transmission including Wi-Fi, Ultra Wideband and 60 GHz.

Allegro DVT's H.264 IP core is a silicon-proven real-time hardware encoder targeting mobile phones, camcorders, set-top boxes, webcams and video surveillance applications. The IP core uses Allegro DVT's H.264 compression algorithms, originally designed for high quality broadcast applications. Allegro DVT's IP core can process images up to high-definition resolutions and can encode several channels simultaneously.

Allegro DVT's H.264 encoding IP delivers HD quality with end-to-end latency as low as 20 ms, as required by WiDi, Video Conferencing and a wide range of automotive, military and medical applications. "Allegro DVT's IP core caters to real-time and fast-response applications, delivering full frame rate video at HD quality. This new breakthrough demonstrates Allegro DVT's advanced technical know-how and H.264 encoding expertise", says Stephane Audrain, head of IP core development at Allegro DVT.

Allegro DVT's H.264 encoding IPs are also available for H.264 baseline and main profiles, in resolutions ranging from CIF to HD, and support H.264/MVC for 3D video.


About Allegro DVT

Allegro DVT is a leading provider of H.264/MPEG-4 AVC|SVC|MVC and HEVC/H.265 solutions, including industry standard compliance test suites, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC/H.265 encoder, codec and decoder silicon (RTL) IPs; and multiscreen encoders and transcoders. Allegro DVT products have been chosen by more than 100 major IC providers, OEMs and broadcasters.

For more information, visit Allegro DVT's Website www.allegrodvt.com or contact info@allegrodvt.com.

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