Compliance streams & Silicon IPs

Frequently Asked Questions

ComPliance Streams

Performance testing : Why should I use Performance (Stress) streams ?
These streams test the decoder ability to decode "evil" streams in real-time. Due to its improved coding tools (enhanced motion estimation, CABAC coding, loop filtering...), H.264/AVC and now H.265/HEVC real-time decoding is much more difficult to achieve in these standards than in previous standards. Stress bitstreams are particularly important to ensure that.

Video sources : How are Allegro DVT video sources generated ?
Allegro DVT video sources are generated and owned by Allegro DVT. They are highly optimized to simplify potential problem detection.

Saving money : Why do I save time using Allegro DVT bitstreams ?
Thanks to Allegro DVT "Quick restart" and "Quick debug", the streams can be used efficiently and quickly both during the development phase and the validation of the final product. These techniques reduce time-to-market radically.

Why should I buy Allegro DVT streams instead of using downloadable non commercial streams ?
Video compression syntax and tools are so complex, that it is vital to carefully validate any decoding capable commercial product. Decoding a lot of H.264/AVC or H.265/HEVC streams is not enough to certify an H.264/AVC or H.265/HEVC decoder, what you really needis to decode the appropriate streams ! Each Allegro DVT stream focuses on a specific feature to test it intensively. Each feature is first used with an assertion list that holds a set of pathological cases. The functionality under test is then randomly activated and simultaneously tested in combination with all the already verified features.

Silicon INtellectual Property

What is Silicon Intellectual Property?
Within the semiconductor industry, Allegro DVT is known as a Silicon Intellectual Property (IP) company. We focus on design and development of video compression IP cores and solutions that underpin chip design. We do not manufacture the chips ourselves; instead, we license our technology to leading semiconductor and OEM companies throughout the world, who, in turn incorporate our semiconductor IP into application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs)  that they manufacture, market and sell to consumer electronics companies.

Who is licensing IPs?
There are increased requirements to integrate video compression technologies (like encoders and decoders) and associated control software within highly integrated, System on Chips for high-volume markets, such as the mobile devices and digital home multimedia markets. Given the technological complexity of the video encoders, decoders and codecs and in order to shorten the design cycle time, there is an industry shift from developing video compression IP in-house to licensing them from third party IP providers such as Allegro DVT.

What are Allegro DVT's IP offerings?
Allegro DVT offer a family of synthesizable IP cores. All Allegro DVT's IP cores can be manufactured on any process using any physical library, and all are accompanied by a complete set of tests and software for fast and easy integration into the customer's development environment. All IP cores are designed for minimum gate count and optimized power consumption. Allegro DVT's IP cores are delivered in the form of a hardware description language definition (known as a soft core or a synthesizable core).