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AL-H264-E H.264/MPEG-4 AVC|MVC Encoder IP

H.264 High-Definition High-Profile encoding IP

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The H.264 high-profile includes the most advanced H.264 coding tools. Using efficient compression tools like cabac entropy coding, dynamic transforms, enhanced intra prediction, scaling lists, adaptive B pictures and direct mode, Allegro DVT’s H.264 encoding IP brings significant bit rates savings compared to existing solutions.

Allegro DVT’s H.264 encoder IP core allows fast and easy integration in a wide range of System-On-Chip (SoC) applications. The H.264 encoder IP is an independent entity, requiring minimum support from the SoC embedded CPU. The motion estimation algorithms have been optimized to fit the memory bandwidth and latency requirements of consumer SoCs. Thanks to its hardware architecture, the H.264 encoding IP minimizes both gate counts and power consumption.

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Wi-Fi Display/Miracast H.264 encoding IP

Wi-Fi Display/Miracast is a new industry standard devised by the Wi-Fi Alliance that enables sharing of high-definition (HD) screen image or video content between wireless devices and high-definition displays.

Wi-Fi Display/Miracast technology leverages the 5 GHz wireless band, which offers higher bandwidth, for relatively interference-free transmission of latency-sensitive real-time media content.

With Wi-Fi Display/Miracast technology, consumers can mirror the display from one device onto a larger screen in real-time; moving and viewing content among various devices such as smartphones and tablets, but also smart TV’s, anytime, anywhere.

Allegro DVT licenses a Wi-Fi display/Miracast H.264 encoding IP.

Allegro DVT's Wi-Fi Display/Miracast IP solutions implements a complete H.264 video encoder, that supports a glass-to-glass ultra-low latency as low as 20ms, keeping a high video quality. Thanks to this ultra-low latency, Allegro DVT's Wi-Fi Display/Miracast H.264 encoder is perfectly suitable for new ranges of application, such as online real time gaming and productivity applications.