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AL-C100-WDE WiGig/Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11ad WDE Codec IP

Hardware IP for WiGig Wireless Display Extension

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WiGiG/Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11ad WDE CODEC IP

The AL-C100-WDE is the first WiGig/Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11ad WDE Codec designed to implement the Wireless Display Extension Protocol Adaptation Layer (WDE PAL) of the WiGig-(IEEE 802.11 ad) standard.

The AL-C100-WDE is a state-of-the-art hardware Intellectual Property solution developed by Allegro DVT. It allows removing all cables and offers high quality/low latency over-the-air transmission of audio/video signals.

It is used to build both WDE TX and WDE RX devices and can be configured for use either as a WDE Source (“TX” or “encoder”) or as a WDE Sink (“RX” or “decoder”). It easily interfaces with a DisplayPort or HDMI sink device and a WiGig MAC TX interface when configured in TX mode, and with a WiGig MAC RX interface and a DisplayPort/HDMI source device when configured in RX mode.


In TX configuration, it performs video H.264 encoding, HDCP encryption (content protection), audio/video data encapsulation, and outputs WDE packets to the TX WiGig MAC.

In RX configuration, it performs audio/video WDE packet parsing, HDCP decryption, video H.264 decoding, audio/video synchronization, and outputs audio/video content to the DP/HDMI source device.

Key advantages

Block diagram

High-level functional view of the WDE IP in TX configuration

High-level functional view of the WDE IP in RX configuration


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