Replay - Allegro DVT Webinar Compliance Streams

Series #2


The second in our compliance stream webinar series was designed to provide details on the latest emerging video coding standard, VVC – Versatile Video Coding.

VVC has been designed to achieve higher coding efficiency in comparison to HEVC and to be highly versatile for effective use in a wide range of applications that include immersive media such as 360° omnidirectional video.

In this webinar, we talked about the status of the VVC standardization and detailed the new coding tools adopted in VVC. Furthermore, we covered VVC’s overall performance and how it compares to other video coding standards. We then talked about the profiles and levels specified in VVC and finally concluded with the proposed licensing strategy.

Replay of the webinar is available: click here!


  • VVC Standardization Status
    • Why develop another video format?
    • Who is involved in the development?
    • VVC Status
  • Principles and Elements
    • Coding structure
    • Block partitioning
    • Residual and entropy coding
    • Loop Filters and others
  • Compression Performance / Comparison to other codecs
    • Coding efficiency
    • Comparison to other codecs
  • Profiles, Levels, Tiers
    • Profiles
    • Resolution and rate limits by Level
  • Licensing
    • Patent administrators
    • Proposed Licensing Types
    • Status
  • Outlook

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