Replay - Allegro DVT Webinar Compliance Streams

Series #3


The task of validating a video decoder is highly complex and requires high-quality test bitstreams to verify all aspects and the full functionality of a video decoder implementation. Allegro DVT has been developing and deploying best-in-class test bitstreams for over 17 years. These are designed to comprehensively explore the compliance, performance, and error concealment of a decoder under test by following an exhaustive plan for the given compression or broadcasting standard. 

In this webinar we discussed the process of compliance testing and the criteria used to achieve it. We reviewed the conditions that must be met to categorically state that the compliance and performance goals have been achieved for a specific video decoder. Furthermore, we covered the development and release of compliance streams targeted specifically at the latest video format, VVC – Versatile Video Coding.


Replay of the webinar is available: click here!


  • Video decoder validation process
  • Compliance testing 
    • Why should I use compliance streams? 
    • Methods of compliance testing 
    • Types of test coverage 
  • Compliance test streams 
    • Elementary test streams 
    • System test streams 
  • VVC compliance testing and test streams 

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