Amphion Semiconductor Video IP Provider Acquired By Allegro DVT

The Creation of a New Leader in the Video Codec IP Space

Allegro DVT, the leading provider of video codec compliance test suites and semiconductor video IPs, today announced the acquisition of Amphion Semiconductor, the Belfast-based developer of video codec semiconductor IP solutions. The resulting company will operate under the Allegro DVT brand from its existing offices in Grenoble, France and Belfast, Northern Ireland. The acquisition brings together two best-in-class IP providers, combining the capabilities of Allegro DVT’s advanced video codec IPs, together with Amphion’s silicon proven video decoder IPs. It positions Allegro DVT as the first semiconductor IP company to offer commercially available hardware-based, real-time encoder and decoder solutions for the new AV1 video encoding format for SoC implementations, supporting 4K/UHD up to 8K.

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'Malone' Video Decoders

The CS8000 ‘Malone’ video decoders are a family of cores supporting a range of formats up to and including The CS8000 ‘Malone’ family of video decoders has been proven in volume production in a number of formats. The design process followed in creating these cores has resulted in solutions that are minimum size and minimum power consumption. In addition, the rigorous verification process undertaken ensures high quality, reliable solutions for our customers.

CS8110 Video decoder – AVC/H.264… more info
CS8120 Video decoder – HEVC/H.265 4Kp60… more info
CS8130 Video decoder – HEVC/H.265 4Kp60, AVC/H.264… more info
CS8131 Video decoder – VP9, HEVC/H.265 4Kp60, AVC/H.264… more info
CS8140 Video decoder – 12 formats up to HEVC/H.265 4Kp60… more info
CS8141 Video decoder – enhanced version of CS8140 including VP9 support… more info
CS8142 Video decoder – enhanced version of CS8141 including AV1 support (under development)… more info
CS8150 Video decoder – HEVC/H.265 4Kp120… more info
CS8160 Video decoder – HEVC/H.265 8Kp60… more info

'Windsor' Video Encoder

The CS9110 ‘Windsor’ video encoder sub-system can support AVC / H.264 and MPEG2 up to 1080p30 rates. It is a compact solution which makes use of a mixed hardware (HW), firmware (FW) architecture, with the FW running on a local embedded processor (not included).

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