Junior Software Engineer

Belfast, Northern Ireland or Grenoble, France


ALLEGRO DVT is a company specialized in the domain of video compression.

Our HW and SW R&D engineers, based in Belfast, Marseille and near Grenoble develop high-quality digital video solutions and software for international customers in the field of encoding, decoding and compliance test streams.

Allegro DVT is comprised of a team of experts that design silicon intellectual property (IP) solutions for video encoding and decoding for all mainstream and emerging standards including VVC, AV1, AVS3, AVS2, HEVC and H.264; and is also the global leader in video compliance test streams.

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Job Overview

Allegro DVT is seeking graduate engineers studying Software, Electronics, or a related discipline, to join the team as a Junior Software Engineer. The position can be undertaken either in Belfast or in Grenoble.

As a Junior Software Engineer within the Software team you would be involved in the development and validation of the control software for integrated video compression circuits.
Application areas: video compression (high-performance encoders/decoders for the latest HEVC/AV1/VVC compression standards…),

Main Activities

  • To understand the specifications and video standards
  • To search for solutions applicable to the customer’s needs
  • To develop the solution in C/C++ languages
  • To test and validate the solution and analyze the quality of results
  • To document the deliverables of the solution
  • To complete optimization, profiling, integration into SW multimedia layers (Gstreamer, ffmpeg…)


  • Currently an undergraduate at an engineering school studying software or electronics
    engineering, or a related discipline, or recently graduated
  • Have some level of experience in embedded software development, if possible, in the field of
    signal processing or audio/video coding
  • Familiarisation with compression/video decoding algorithms (for example H.264 / H.265) would be
    a plus


  • Some level of experience in C, C++, and Python/Perl script languages
  • Knowledge of compilation using VS/GCC, debug, Jenkins, versioning (git)
  • A knowledge of embedded Linux, Kernel drivers, ARM/RISC-V embedded processors, FPGA platforms would be a plus

Soft Skills

  • Have a passion for technology, rigor, autonomy, and a capacity for innovation, teamwork, and customer orientation

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