Allegro DVT will be present at the virtual D&R IP Soc Day Silicon Valley on April 6th 2021

March 10, 2021

IP SOC DAY Conference - 2021

Join us at the conference to hear our Team member Dr Doug Ridge talk about how Allegro DVT video IP products play an active role in automotive safety today.

Recent years have seen an explosion in video usage in the automotive market as automated decision making in autonomous vehicles and ADAS are heavily dependant on reliable and high quality video processing. Video codec IP plays a safety critical role in many of these applications and in this presentation we examine how Allegro DVT has addressed the market requirements with innovative video codec IP, supporting mainstream and evolving formats with low latency, best in class video quality and high resolutions and rates.

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Feedback 2020

Allegro DVT delivered a webinar entitled “Dynamic Silicon IP Architectures for Evolving 8K Video Codec Markets” during the IP SOC virtual conference organized by Design & Reuse on Tuesday 15th September 2020.

We addressed the complexities of 8K video decoding and highlighted how Allegro DVT has addressed these issues with its dynamic and scalable video decoder architecture. Recordings of the presentation are now available to be viewed offline in both English and Mandarin. We encourage you to view the presentation and learn how Allegro DVT can provide the competitive edge you and your organization are looking for in your next generation video products.

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