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Allegro DVT Announces the Adoption of its HEVC System Compliance Streams by TPV

Allegro DVT, the leader in audio/video compliance streams, announces that TPV, a worldwide leading manufacturer of monitors and LCD TVs, has adopted Allegro DVT’s DVB HEVC System compliance streams for the validation of a new range of HEVC-enabled LCD T [...]

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Allegro DVT Adds Support of 4:2:2 10-bit Video Profiles to its Multi-Format Encoder/Decoder Hardware IPs

Allegro DVT, the leading provider of video codec hardware IPs and certification bitstreams, announces the availability of new versions of its multi-format video encoder and decoder IPs with additional video profiles that cover 4:2:2 chroma sampling and 10 [...]

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Allegro DVT Unveils VP9 Compliance Streams

llegro DVT, the industry leader in audio/video compliance streams, announces the addition of VP9 test bitstreams to its product portfolio. IC vendors developing VP9 compliant decoders are now able leverage Allegro DVT’s long experience in video codecs t [...]

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Allegro DVT adds VP9 support to its multi-format hardware encoder IP

Allegro DVT announces the immediate availability of its multi-format hardware video encoder IP with H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC and VP9 support. [...]

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Allegro DVT Announces Mass Shipment of its WiGig WDE Silicon IP

Allegro DVT today announced that it has reached a major milestone for its award-winning WiGig WDE (Wireless Display Extension) Silicon IP which is now shipping in mass volume in multiple OEM products. [...]

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Allegro DVT unveils its hardware dual-format (HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264) encoder IP

Allegro DVT announces its dual-format encoder IP core, implementing the two mainstream video compression formats: HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264. With this new IP, Allegro DVT enlarges its video encoding IP offering with the first hardware encoder supporting bo [...]

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