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Video Encoder IPs

With 20 years of expertise in video compression, Allegro DVT offers H.264, HEVC, VP9, AV1, VVC, LCEVC encoder and decoder hardware (RTL) IPs. Allegro DVT proposes these multiformat encoder and decoder IPs ensuring selectable video codecs, scalability through a multicore architecture and ultra low latency all on a minimum silicon area.

Encoder IP, IP Video Decoder

E2XX Serie

Encoder IP Core Serie 

Earth planet with global routes and light dots representing global connection and communication.

E19X Serie

Encoder IP Core Serie 

AL-E301 Encoder IP

4K/ 8K LCEVC Video Encoding IP Core

Video Decoder IPs
A futuristic design of an integrated circuit with displays showing source code. The image represents an abstract design in the domain of computing, security, engineering, electronics or similar advanced technology. This image is a made up 3D concept render.

D3XX Serie

Decoder IP Core Serie 

D19X Serie

Decoder IP Core Serie 

financial stock market graph on technology abstract background represent risk of investment

AL-D301 Decoder IP

4K/ 8K LCEVC Video Decoding IP Core

AL-D105 Decoder IP

Legacy formats decoder up to 1920X1080@60FPS