AL-D105 Decoder IP

Legacy Formats Decoder IP


Allegro DVT’s AL-D105 is a multi-format, multi-stream, video decoder IP core, capable of decoding 12 different video formats up to H.264/AVC 1920x1080i@60fps. The AL-D105 has been silicon proven in mutiple STB and DTV chipsets.

Key advantages

  • Multi-stream and Multi-format
  • Mature IP silicon proven in multiple mass production STB and DTV SoCs down to 28nm
  • PES or ES stream input
  • High latency tolerance (CPU & Memory)
  • Low CPU load
  • Low Memory Bandwidth
  • Robust Error Resilience controlled by control software
  • Production verified control software
  • Extensively verified with a large library of third party test streams


Supported formats

  • H.264/AVC CBP/MP/HP up to 1920x1080i@60fps
  • H.264/MVC up to 1920x1080p@30fps each eye
  • MPEG-4.2 SP/ASP
  • MPEG-2 MP/HL
  • VC-1/WM9 SP/MP/AP
  • MP4 (DivX 3.11, H.263, Sorenson Spark)
  • AVS, AVS+
  • Real Media RV8/RV9/RV10
  • Google VP6 / VP8
  • JPEG / MJPEG Baseline up to 150 MPxl/s


  • AMBA APB interface for control registers programming
  • AMBA AXI interfaces for data access


  • RTL source code
  • C control software
  • Bit accurate executable software reference model
  • Documentation

Download the leaflet


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