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Allegro DVT is hiring!

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My experience at Allegro started as soon as I began my internship, and I’ve been there for 9 years now. Allegro is certainly a world leader in its field, but remains a employee-focused company where it is easy to find one’s place. I learned about teamwork, where every voice counts and every employee deserves to be heard. No matter what their experience, everyone can contribute in their own way. From the beginning, I was trusted and I was able to quickly take on responsibilities. Being part of a French company, at the forefront of what it does, is energizing and rewarding, especially since the people around me are experts in their field. In short, Allegro has evolved with the times, constantly innovating, both in terms of technology and company philosophy.” Audrey

My internship at Allegro DVT was as a marketing assistant. My manager and the whole team quickly helped me get up to speed and gave me responsibilities that matched my skills and helped me to develop further. I really appreciated my time as an intern at Allegro DVT and hope all students can have a similar experience to the one I had.” Lenny

As an SEI student at PHELMA, I arrived at Allegro DVT as an end-of-studies intern. This internship is a great way for the company to evaluate the intern and the intern to evaluate the company. At the end of my internship I joined the hardware R&D team and stayed in that role for almost 8 years. I am still at Allegro DVT and now in a Production Applications Engineer role where I continue to learn and face exciting new challenges every day.” Loic.

As a veteran of the semiconductor IP industry I’ve seen that what makes a company successful is the combination of leadership, teamwork and a touch of brilliance. I joined Allegro after it acquired Amphion, a company I had initially worked for in the late 1990’s and can certainly say that all three attributes exist here. It’s an exciting work environment that allows everyone to develop through shared ideas and leveraging the broad skill sets and diverse knowledge of the Allegro DVT team.” Doug

I arrived at Allegro DVT around two years ago and discovered a friendly team who were always ready to help each other and where every idea is welcome. It’s an atmosphere that I like and that allows me to develop every day.” Elodie


  • Allegro DVT will participate to the Virtual Jobdating organized by the Phelma school in Grenoble on October 15th, for more information, contact us
  • Allegro DVT will soon be organizing a Business Conference at the Ensimag school in Grenoble. The date will be communicated to you shortly. For more information, contact us

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