Export leader : Allegro DVT, specialist in compression technologies Video

December 11, 2020

Interview with Nouar Hamze, CEO of Allegro DVT in Presence Magazine

Created in 2003, this member company of Inovallée, specializes in video compression technologies, exports most of its production and has strong growth. The acquisition of a subsidiary abroad and significant R&D efforts have substantially increased its international development in 2019.

You further increased your presence around the world last year…

Nouar Hamze, CEO of Allegro DVT replied: “This performance can be explained by our strategic choices in 2018. We anticipated the demand for compression/decompression solutions in data centers. Today, 80% of global Internet traffic is generated by video. Video compression is therefore at the heart of the strategies of data center chip manufacturers. We have signed major contracts with Cloud players, who are members of GAFAM, providing them with blocks of intellectual property (IP) that accelerate video processing functions. Our R&D efforts have positioned us in this segment with products that combine compression performance and video quality.

2019 will also be remembered for our decision to invest in Asia by strengthening our presence there through sales and technical resources, as well as by the acquisition of Amphion Semiconductor, based in Belfast. This acquisition enabled us to establish a leading position in our market, strengthen our R&D team and complete our IP product line with encoding/decoding solutions compatible with AV1, the new video compression standard“.

What products are you banking on for your growth?

We are continuing to develop along two main product lines – video codec IP and video compliance streams. On the video codec side the video encoding/decoding IP blocks have been supplied to some 15 leading edge customers. This market is very promising with a focus on autonomous vehicles, cloudgaming and cloudtranscoding solutions. In addition, Allegro DVT‘s video compression standard compliance test sets have been licensed to more than a hundred integrated circuit suppliers, equipment manufacturers and content distributors. Our market share for this product is in the order of 95 percent“.

 How did you get through 2020?

This year had gotten off to a very good start. The momentum was somewhat slowed down by Covid. We had planned to open subsidiaries in China and the United States. These projects have simply been delayed. We quickly invested in IT equipment to enable our teams to work from home with the same comfort as in the office. We have also maintained our R&D efforts as well as the planned recruitments in anticipation of 2021. Grex International also supports us in our efforts to better approach the Automotive market and offers us a whole range of services useful to our international growth“.

How do you see 2021?

We are hoping for a return to normal for the third quarter of 2021, when travel will be possible again. The impossibility of traveling complicates our customer relationships. We are considering new R&D investments to continue developments in our two product lines, in order to strengthen our leadership position. For the time being, we have just moved into new offices in Montbonnot, twice the size of those in Meylan: 800 m2 for our future growth and recruitment. We want to attract new talents by offering a work environment that matches our ambitions“.

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