H.264/AVC Elementary Streams

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H.264 Syntax streams ensure that decoders abide by all features of the compression standards, including corner cases. Performance streams test if a decoder is able to decode worst case streams in real-time.

Unique selling points
Avoids expensive re-design phases and shortens development cycles. Due to their high complexity, video decoders need to be extensively validated ahead of production.
Strengthens the decoder against all possible encodings, existing ones or future streams, to extend final products’ life.
Future-proof your products to prepare mass production. Increase target product long-term operability by ensuring it will comply with today and tomorrow's broadcast.
IP and IC vendors, system vendors (set-top boxes, digital TVs, smartphones, tablets, etc.).
Elementary streams suite, each stream focusing on a specific video feature to allow fast and simple analysis of potential issues.
Complete reference documentation.
Technical features
H.264/AVC syntax streams
Baseline/Main/High profile Level 1.3 to Level 6.1
H.264/AVC performance streams
Baseline/Main/High profile Level 1.3 to Level 4.2
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H.264/AVC Elementary Streams

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